Welcome to HyperPocus!

Welcome to HyperPocus!

Welcome! My name is Rose, and when I tentatively pressed GO on this website and shop my stomach did a complete summersault.

You see, I'm an artist at heart and even after years of working in marketing, psychology, and running my own styling business I STILL get nervous before sharing this part of myself with the world.

The video below does a great job of explaining WHAT HyperPocus is, but I'll tell you a little bit about the WHY I created her.

After working towards and reaching the goal of running a "successful" styling business for 6-years I found myself starved for artistic expression. I needed a bigger playground than just personal style. So, I decided to expand to include home and art along side my styling education materials and services.

But then something funny happened...we moved to Washington state.

As I feathered our little nest in our new home, I noticed that certain items could just be cooler. I don't want tea towels that have funny quotes about kale, I want something that feels more like me! My hope is that the products I created because I couldn't find them anywhere else will also help you scratch that itch!

While going through a rough time in 2020-2021 I had a bit of a spiritual awakening. Some might even call it a cosmic smack upside the head. I got more in-touch with an intuitive side of myself I've never been brave enough to look at. I connected more with all the little coincidences that surrounded important moments in my life. I started to build more of a magick practice into my routine that helped me ground ALL the energy I have and find more joy and self-love. This lead to more self-care and this drive to share more of myself than I have before.

So here I am world. What some may call a "witch" with a creepy intuitive way of helping women find their style, a business owner with ADHD, a crafty and artistic streak, a love for teaching DIY hacks, and a goofy sensibility.

HyperPocus is an expression of all of that. My deep dives into new artistic mediums will now help you use self-expression to create a more magical life for yourself.

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