Why Start a Shop? Aren't you a stylist?

Why Start a Shop? Aren't you a stylist?

Hey there and welcome to HyperPocus! I'm thrilled you stopped by. 

You might be here because you were looking for my styling services and site... Well, you're getting a little bit extra! Here's the thing, I AM a wardrobe stylist, but I'm an artist and a human first. Helping women figure out their closets and style is just one way I help make visual magic while tapping into who an individual is.

And because I am so multifaceted and interested I'm exercising my creative skills by expanding my business to include more tutorials, DIY fun, home styling, jewelry making, and art creation. I'm even sharing a little of my fairly new magickal practice and some ADHD hacks that I've picked up along the way that might help other neurodivergent folks!

Did she just say magick?

Yup. For lack of a better word. Some might call me a "witch". Heck, sometimes I do too, but really I just feel really connected to nature and believe we are ALL interconnected by SOMETHING.

Think of it like this: We're made of matter and animated by energy. Right? It's all around us. Some of us are more sensitive to this energy and how it shifts. You might call them empaths, intuitives, or psychics. A few of those who feel those energies also believe certain rituals or spells (also see: traditions and prayers) can manipulate those energies. Pop culture calls them witches, but really loads of religious folks are doing very similar practices. ; )

I've felt that way for some time, but after a hideously hard 2020-2021 something deeper cracked inside of me. I started to feel ill when family members felt ill half the country away and I didn't know it. I started to just know things (or pay attention to the random thoughts that popped into my head). Once I even passed out cold for no reason at the same moment my niece passed out from taking the wrong medication four states away from me. 

STILL have the scares from that fall. LOL!

Along with needing to slow down my busy virtual styling business and take MUCH better care of myself, I found myself with an overwhelming new ability to physically sense shit. It's called clairsentience and I'm still learning more about it, how not to fight it, and how to listen to it. This really threw me for a loop because if you would have told me two years ago that I'd be stepping away from a successful business to make art and witchy shit...well, I would have said you were nuts. 

I'm not the only one slowing down right now and trying something wacky.

Millions of late 30s millennial "hustlers" are catching a case of the "what's-the-points?" and deciding to think outside of what generations before us have done to make a living and build a life.

What if the six-figure business the boss babe culture sold us was just a giant MLM of coaches coaching coaches who coach coaches? What if when the pandemic hit we all got the chance to reevaluate and restart on a new path that was actually less about dolla bills and more about quality of life?

Don't get me wrong. I've had nothing, and I've had lots of security too. I prefer the security. But happiness looks more like a pretty garden full of veggies for the bunnies and an occasional Disney trip to me now than 30 clients I can't keep up with and no time with my family.

SO! I'm opening my calendar to more 1-on-1 one-off style consult appointments again, giving myself less shopping homework, giving my private clients more focused attention, and giving my creative side waaayyyyyy more room to play.

Finding out my chronic low-back and hip pain was really a symptom of an autoimmune disease was the last straw. I'm pressing go on this shop full of art, fun crafts, magick stuff, and things I can make with my hands that bring people JOY. 

If you aren't into the intention candles and don't believe they work, that's cool. They are still damn pretty. I happen to know how powerful it can be to have a physical representation of the intention you're sending out into the universe. Even if it's just spicy psychology, if it works for me and so many others, why the heck not light the damn candle?


PS: I've been worried of sharing this story and this side of myself, but everyone I've told has been so into it and understanding. Thank you if you are one of those people. I love you.

If you're an acquaintance, old friend, or relative that thinks I'm weird or nuts and you want to write a helpful/shaming little note to me...just know that these past few years have been very hard and they've made me very strong, but they've also left me with very little tolerance for intolerance. You'll get 200% more sass back than you're expecting from old Rose. So, with love and light, keep your thoughts to yourself. Or don't. It won't change what I love practicing.

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