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30min VIP Tarot Reading + Tarot Earring Set

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Join me in my studio (or back garden if the weather cooperates) for some tarot and tea! In this live, private appointment, recorded for your convenience. During purchase you can personalize your reading by listing the top three questions or issues you'd love to get more direction on. Or leave it blank and we'll just see what the cards (and my guides) say. The email address you use for purchase will be used to send you my booking link.

I have many tools at my disposal for your 30min session, including tarot and oracle cards, pendulum, and runes. I join you in my private zoom room already prepared to connect and help so we can spend our time together getting you in touch with the message coming through to you.

Included with your session is a set of tarot earrings custom made based on the results of your session (the cards pick themselves, but you pick the color). I send these to you within a week of our session recording with a note summarizing our work and what the cards meant.

My background in counseling and my love of offering tarot readings to anyone who will sit for me has guided me to this point. I love seeing how a small session can answer questions for clients, but can also open them up to new ideas or directions to further explore...much like counseling does!

How I work: I interpret the cards that rise up to say something to you. It's that simple. I do get little intuitive hits throughout our appointment and openly share them with you. I suggest taking notes, as the info that may seem not right or inconsequential could become very helpful after our session.



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