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Animal Bones Enamel Pins

Animal Bones Enamel Pins

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These little boney animals are ready to defend your back pack or your favorite jean jacket.

Choose from 5 different animal Enamel Brooches, Enamel Pin, with Clutches, Dog & Cat & Goldfish & Unicorn & Cat Mermaid, Electroplated Black, White


Dog: 15x30x9.5mm, pin: 1.2mm, 1pc;

Cat: 26x22.5x9.5mm, pin: 1.2mm, 1pc;

Goldfish: 24x27.5x9.5mm, pin: 1.2mm, 1pc;

Unicorn (Alicorn): 26x26.5x9.5mm, pin: 1.2mm, 1pc;

Cat Mermaid: 27x27x9.5mm, pin: 1.2mm, 1pc;

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