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Gemstone Bracelet - 16 Varieties

Gemstone Bracelet - 16 Varieties

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Bracelet Gemstones & Traditional Uses:

  • 6mm Howlite for calm and anger management
  • 6mm Green aventurine for wealth attraction
  • 6mm Unakite for vision and emotional balance
  • 6mm Amazonite for energy and trauma work
  • 6mm Red Jasper for protection and balancing strong energy
  • 6mm Amethyst for protection and stress and anxiety relief
  • 6mm Natural Jade for protection and brings harmony
  • 6mm Rose Quartz for self-love
  • 6mm Blue Spotted Jasper for courage, inner strength, and calmness

  • 10mm Malachite for quick abundance
  • 10mm Rose Quartz for self-love
  • 10mm Labradorite to stimulate mental acuity, and to reduce stress
  • 10mm Carnelian for fertility, lower back problems, arthritis, and depression
  • 10mm Wood and Lava Stone - practical and can carry essential oil!

  • 7mm CHIPS Rose Quartz for self-love
  • 7mm CHIPS Red Jasper for protection and balancing strong energy
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