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HyperPocus Silicone Bracelet System (Kids)

HyperPocus Silicone Bracelet System (Kids)

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This bracelet set compliments the HyperPocus planner perfectly, using the number system (a simple 1, 2, 3) on the bracelets as a physical reminder of your top 3 tasks for the day.

I start with the bracelets on my left arm and move them to the right as I complete them. Studies show this kind of physical reminder can help people with busy brains like us stay focused on what's #1 (and 2 and 3) for the day.

Bracelets are 6mm thick and made of skin safe Silicone. Available in colors or greys.

The dateless day planner that compliments these is available as a set with these bracelets as a package deal!

Perfect for those with ADHD and other scatter-brained geniuses wanting to simplify life, reduce distraction, and stop forgetting the important tasks.

Kids sizes available too! The planner is simple enough for any child that can read to use. :)

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