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Black Skull Protection Spell 8oz Candle

Black Skull Protection Spell 8oz Candle

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Set your intentions on warding off negative energy or other's intentions with this black skull protection candle that is 8oz, hand-poured, scented or unscented, beeswax with optional Algiz rune carved in for more protection.

"Energy" and "magik" not your thing? Well, it still looks badass and smells good too!

Also available with other intentions (abundance, calling-in protection, & self-love).

Each hand-poured HyperPocus intention candle is mixed with organic herbs I've grown myself here in Washington State and any exotic ingredients are also organic. Each has a specific mix for your specific intention, complimented by 100% therapeutic grade essential oils.

This black Protection candle has rosemary, mint, and sea salt.

Did you know beeswax is the safest wax to burn in your home? And it actually CLEANS the air because it releases negative ions which attach to the positively charged dust, debris, and allergens causing them to fall out of the air...SCIENCE!

Burn time for these candles are approximately 5hrs per ounce.

IMPORTANT: read instructions on wax disposal after burning.

For some more instruction on safely calling in what you desire click here.

Note from the maker about IMPERFECTIONS.

Upon purchasing a candle from HyperPocus, by Style Class LLC, the Purchaser shall agree to follow all instructions on the warning labels. Read more about this agreement here.

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